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BELGIAN VINYL PRESSING PLANT is all about passion, love, and attention to quality in music, we simply love what we do. That same passion comes from playing music ourselves, recording with our bands and even running a recording studio back in the day to release records in the 90’s when vinyl was almost a crime. Our personal and friends’ record collections gave us that ear on how a vinyl record should sound and to pick the less good sounding ones. The company is music veteran owned and we like the different kind of styles we press on a daily basis, as it keeps us growing as music enthusiasts. To us, the good old vinyl record has never been a passing fad, nor could it ever be replaced by some shuffling Mp3.

BELGIAN VINYL PRESSING PLANT is devoted to keeping the physical music format alive…that’s right, the one and only VINYL RECORD.


Our catalogue has a large variety of vinyl colors to choose from, the samples here are just a small impression. You can choose from black to transparent and opaque to a wide range of great looking marbled colors available, we are confident that you will find the perfect match for your release to give it that extra spark. Also you can mix / combine colour to your taste, we will give advice where needed, as not all results will be good. Just let us know and we work things out smoothly.

*Test pressings are always black vinyl 180gr.

Sleeves and more…

For many music lovers, record sleeves are more than just a way to protect and store records. They are a way to connect with the music and artist. Many record sleeves feature artwork that reflects the music within, making it a personal and meaningful experience. We offer all printing and packaging solutions, with a wide selection of cards and papers and digital – or offset printing. Standard printed jackets, gatefolds, printed inner sleeves, booklets, special editions, obi strip, cutouts, stickers in any format, a poster, a special screen print on the PVC protection sleeve… You name it.

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Specials / Screenprinting at BVPP

One of the new trends in vinyl is to make a one-sided record, and to screen print a design on the side with no music. This type of a record can be made with virtually any combination of colored vinyl and screen printing ink to create amazing art pieces. Most commonly we print using only one color, unless your design is made to do with more. These can make a great merch item, but this specialty product does carry with it some inherent risks. Also, just due to the nature of silk screening on plastic, the ink can have a tendency to chip/peel off over time (yes over time). Printing in the center of the record (30-40mm) is not recommended, that area will usually not print very cleanly. Your vinyl is hand screen printed, we don’t use any machinery that can create warp on the vinyl. Sometimes (not always) certain colors can be more dark or lighter and not match your mock-up. None of these issues can be subject to claims. Nevertheless, try our screen print service and surprise friend and foe.

Full service European distribution of your goods

Because we press your vinyl ourselves, we have the ability to greatly assist companies/labels/bands who end up doing a considerable amount of shipping. We drop ship anywhere in Europe at a fraction of what it would cost to ship it yourself the initial distribution of your final product to you. If you want to learn more about how BVPP can become your shipping manager, saving you time and money, please feel free to call or email. We take care of your business!!

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The vinyl factory

“Music is my life and passion. With over 40 years of experience in the music industry I am still brimming with energy, making your musical dreams come true is what I love doing most. My professional knowledge and honest expertise is why people know me and keep coming back. Anyone can rest assured that their ideas and projects are truly taken care of here, because I treat each and every one of them as if they were my own. Expertise and quality are our highest assets, always with a personal touch and sound advice. In need of a reliable partner that delivers vinyl of the highest quality, always in accordance with the agreed quotation and without any hidden costs whatsoever? Seek no further and don’t settle for less, let us press.”

Tony De Block

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